Avenue Team

When you walk in, these are the individuals that are absolutely ready to love you right where you are at.  We are excited you are coming!  Can’t wait to meet you.
Nate Hultz
Lead Pastor
Nate’s role is to help the entire church move into a direction that Loves God and Loves others.
Nick Truax
Worship Director
Sunday mornings could not happen without Nick and his team.  He has the gifts to lead you and I in an awesome church service.
Elizabeth Hultz
Associate Pastor
Elizabeth has the heart of a pastor.  She wants nothing more for you than to be connected and loved.  Her teams of people are what you see on a Sunday morning.
Mel & Diana Hershey 
Care Directors
When you need a pastor to be there with you, Mel and Diana are there to love you when you need it most.  They have a heart of gold.
Lynn Avery
Facility Director
Lynn wants our property and building to be presentable for anyone using it during the week and on Sunday mornings.  His team gets the job done.
Cory Grist 
Technical Arts Director
When you walk in and see our stage designs or many of the videos that are played, it’s because of this guy.  We couldn’t do it well without him.
April Herrold
Community Outreach Director
April is our connection to many incredible places and organizations in our community.  Her heart for people connects our church to them.

Elder Team